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Alberta Quake Report This list records the five most recent quakes, in Alberta, during the last 30 days.
Note: Earthquake Canada occasionally publishes reports out of sequence.

Crooked Lake - February 2014

December 2013 Swarm

Fox Creek Quakes Dec 2013 - Feb 2015

Fox Creek Quakes 1985 - Dec 2013

Recent Horn River Basin BC Quakes

This list records the five most recent Horn River quakes, during the last 30 days.
Note: Earthquake Canada occasionally publishes reports out of sequence.


Who's planning what for Fox Creek?
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Locally Relevant AER Bulletins
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Capp frac’in fraud and The Synergy Con 2015

Capp frac’in fraud and The Synergy Con 2015

Sounds of Silence : The Crooked Lake Earthquakes

Sounds of Silence : The Crooked Lake Earthquakes

Fox Creek awoke, January 23, to early morning social media rumblings and the paradigm disorienting aftershock of a 4.4 magnitude earthquake. According to initial reports, the quake’s hypocenter registered 30km from town, at 11:49 pm, January 22. For many, this was the first they’d ever heard about quakes in the area. But for a few, […]

Fox Creek and Area Quakes – Introduction

Fox Creek and Area Quakes – Introduction

Geologists, engineers, Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) and the Canadian Association for Petroleum Producers refer to these unusual, man-made earthquakes as anomalous induced seismicty. There were thirteen such events between December 01-06, 2013, according to Earthquakes Canada. Twice, activity  registered in exactly the same spot. Crooked Lake Quakes – Dec 01-12, 2013. This map is interactive. […]

What about water, oil and gas? Compare and Contrast

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About Fox Creek and Area

micro-news from around the country

Sources: Beyond Fox Creek and Catalyze Commentary

Alberta Spills. Time Lapse 1975-2012

Click on the full screen icon (lower right diagonal) for a better view. Unfortunately, this interactive is not available on mobile.CATalyze-blog
on 14 Oct 2016

AER seismologist discusses the Fox Creek earthquakes with CBC Radio

"We just want to manage this so it doesn't get any bigger,"AER seismologist. "We're really trying to understand this."

AER has been monitoring since 2008 and receiving near real-time data, from the area, since 2014.

Therefore, AER was aware of all activity since the original swarm in 2013 and since. They did not inform nor take action until after the 4.4 mag event became public.

AER seismologist admits, the regulator responded because the quake was reported as "felt." However, this particular event was NOT the first reported as felt. It was, however, the first reported by locals, the first discussed on social media and the first covered by mainstream media.

This audio file may take a moment to load.CATalyze-blog

on 14 Oct 2016

The Politics of Fracking Impacts and Cumulative Effects

The Fox Creek experience is discussed throughout this video. This is 80 minutes of must see information for every resident, landowner and municipal representative.

The Politics of Fracking and the Reality of Leaky Wells Alberta Surface Rights Meeting in Camrose, Alberta – March 6, 2015

on 09 Mar 2015

We've trusted for far FAR too long.

Shock: Fracking Used to Inject Nuclear Waste Underground for Decades

50 years later, even the average Joe knows this is / was a bad idea.

How will we assess today's practices, novel ideas or "world class regulated" frac fluid disposal and water diversions in 50, or less? Hopefully less.

How about now?CATalyze-blog
on 06 Mar 2015
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Jessica Ernst compiles recent and historical fracking - quakes information

Not one to shy away from acknowledging fracking impacts, Jessica Ernst lends her support, her unique perspective, and a collection of news stories relevant to the Fox Creek experience.CATalyze-blog on 21 Feb 2015
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"Special" earthquake reporting rules for Fox Creek

After a year of anomalous-induced-activity, AER now plans to monitor events more than 2 magnitude and suspend operations triggering over 4 magnitude .CATalyze-blog on 19 Feb 2015
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Fox Creek swarms - CBC Report

on 17 Feb 2015
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